Take a deep breath, because your family’s life is going to change dramatically for the better. Imagine a 400-acre backyard filled with parks, trails, creeks, forests and more. Hiking, biking, jogging, fishing and more. Fresh pure air. Community spirit. This is Better Living by nature.

  • Minutes from Whitby shoreline with boardwalk, boating, canoeing, and kayaking
  • 14 km of waterfront nature trails, marinas, pubs, cafes and sandy beaches
  • Steps from Heber Down Conservation Area with numerous walking trails, like Ash Creek Channel Trail, Bio-Diversity Trail, Brooklin Lions Trail, Cullen Central Park Trail, Otter Creek Trail, Scott Trail and Whitby Shores Waterfront Trail
  • 68 km of recreational trails, 127 playgrounds and more than 950 acres of lush, permanently protected parks.
  • Arenas, soccer fields, baseball diamonds, golf and swimming pools all conveniently located

Healthy living

Exercise your right to lead a healthy life. Teach your kids to be active and energetic. It’s easy at Park Vista where you’re just steps to outdoor recreation.

Build community

Build community Get together with neighbors for a game of soccer, followed by a communal cookout. Have an outdoor potluck party. The possibilities are endless.

Live happier

Studies have shown that an active, outdoor lifestyle in close proximity to green spaces increases the feeling of happiness and well-being.

Free fun for all

Toss a frisbee, kick a football, go for a jog – the best things in life are free! Gather the family and friends and make a day of it in the nearby park.

Sleep better

Healthy activity in the pure fresh air cleanses your body of toxins, leads to better sleep and heightened levels of energy.